5 Of The Best Shapewear Styles And What They Do, Explained

 Smoothed hips? Toned, flat core? Double-take inducing butt? Check, check, check. Shapewear can achieve all kinds of head-turning results - it all depends on which style you wear and the look you’d like to create.


Whatever natural assets you’d like to enhance, here are five of Peachy’s most beloved shapewear styles, and what they’ll do for your body, explained. Prepare to meet your new best friend…


Tummy Control Bodysuit

BEST FOR: Flattening your core, but not your booty

Sucking in the tummy but not your butt is a delicate balance to strike, and this works-with-everything bodysuit does both with ease. And what it does for enhancing your bum, it does even more for enhancing your confidence. This bodysuit also features no pantyline - making it ideal for wearing under your favourite dress. Particularly a booty-tight one, if we do say so ourselves.


Seamless Compression Shorts

BEST FOR: Sleek and smooth thighs

In 2020, these shorts have gone from underwear to outerwear, with the likes of the Kardashians, Bella Hadid and Serena Williams all seen sporting similar shorts with effortless street style. But whether you wear them as your full outfit, or underneath your clothes, the effect is the same: the high-waist design cinches you in at your smallest part to create an enviable hourglass, and flattens the tummy to create a sleek, smooth line from waist to thigh. Designed to feel like a second skin, this everyday piece will enhance any outfit.


Arm Smoothing Bra

BEST FOR: Creating the toned arms of a goddess

This life-changing bra is for anyone who dreams of possessing the kind of toned arms that would make Jennifer Aniston proud. Super easy to wear, this bra boasts comfy compression to slim down and smooth your arms to create a sleek silhouette - perfect for pairing under a fitted long sleeved top or dress.


Slimming Bodysuit Shaper

BEST FOR: All-over slimming

This all-in-one magic helper will give you an overall slimmer silhouette by comfortably flattening your stomach and back, while lifting your butt. It makes it perfect for creating a slim, toned hourglass shape under a special occasion outfit, or under an everyday dress for all-over shaping… and all-over confidence.


Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit Thong

BEST FOR: Showing skin and feeling sexy

Perhaps the easiest piece of all to wear, this is all about sucking in and flattening the stomach - while the high elastic mesh in the bust is suitable for all different bust sizes. Plus, it’s ideal for wearing with mini dresses and shorts, as the thong bottom is undetectable under even your smallest, sexiest outfit. This piece also pairs perfectly with clothes that show off your back, too, thanks to its adjustable low back straps.

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