How Can I Make Myself Look Thinner In A Dress?

We all know the feeling: you’ve found the perfect dress - it’s totally your colour, a gorgeous style and totally on-trend. The only thing is, when you look in the mirror, you kind of wish you just looked a little thinner.


At Peachy Shapewear, we’re not in the business of losing weight, but in the business of confidence - and showing you how to love the skin you’re in.


If you’re feeling less than confident about how you look in a dress, the solution could actually be as simple as swapping your underwear. Shapewear is the quickest, easiest fix you will ever use to look slimmer - and its immediate results are pretty much guaranteed, too. What other slimming technique can say that?


Here’s how wearing shapewear under your dress can totally change your appearance - and make you instantly feel your best, beautiful self…



Smooth the areas you want to slim down

By wearing Peachy Shapewear, you can smooth down the areas of you would like to slim under the dress. For example, if you would like to slim down your tummy, items like the Tummy Control Bodysuit will hold in your core under your dress - plus, it comes complete with adjustable and removable straps to suit the design of your dress, so it will go totally undetected,  even with strapless dresses.




Create an hourglass silhouette

Want a gorgeous Kim Kardashian-worthy hourglass figure? Shapewear can do that! Take the Tummy Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit, for example: it uses advanced 360-degree shaping technology to enhance your natural figure, by holding in your core, smoothing your upper thighs, cinching you in at the waist and even lifting your butt. The result is the hourglass shape of dreams, which makes the most of your natural curves and makes your waist look tinier than ever.


Don’t be afraid of wearing tight-fitting dresses

A form-fitted dress will show off your figure and make you look slimmer than an oversized, billowing dress would. Wear with a piece of shapewear like Peachy’s Body Sculpt Solution Suit, which will hold in your core while sculpting your body, thanks to the piece’s double-layer mesh design on the stomach, which will give you targeted tummy control.


Want to look slimmer in a dress today? Head to Peachy Shapewear now to find the perfect shapewear for you.

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