How To Buy Shapewear: 5 Things To Remember When Choosing The Perfect Piece

There is such a thing as real-life magic - and it exists right here on planet earth, in the form of  Shapewear. If that sounds like we’re over exaggerating, then that must mean one thing: you must have not tried it yet.


If so, it’s time you opened yourself up to the magical world of shapewear sorcery. Like Photoshopping for your real life body, it’s the secret to instantly looking smoother, more toned and feeling infinitely more sexy in any outfit.


Here’s what you need to know when choosing the perfect piece, to get some of that wizardry in your wardrobe, right now…


Stick to your size - the perfect piece will feel like a second skin

Don’t opt for a smaller size than your usual, thinking that it will give you added compression - Peachy shapewear is designed true to size, with the perfect control for your body type already in the design. When wearing, it’ll feel comfortable, so don’t expect that the ideal piece should feel too tight. It’ll move with your body rather than against it.


Focus on the area you want to finesse

Want a super flat stomach? Take a look at the Peachy Tummy Control Shaper. Want slimmer arms? Check out the Arm Smoothing Bra right now. And if you want all-over shaping, say hello to the Slimming Bodysuit Shaper. Different pieces are designed specifically to work their magic on different areas of the body.


Go for a high waist cut to slim down your stomach

The higher the waist, the smoother and flatter your core will appear. Opt for a piece like the Seamless Compression Shorts to bring that flattening, smooth line all the way from your tum  down to your thighs.


Shapewear doesn’t always flatten - it can maximize your bust and butt, too

When we talk about shape, we mean just that! For a curvy combination of core flattening and bust and butt enhancing go for a piece like Peachy’s Tummy Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit, which does both, smoothing your tum and thighs, while lifting and enhancing the butt. Meanwhile, the Backless Body Shaper, ideal for pairing with an elegant evening gown, will create serious cleavage thanks to its push-up underwire for a lifted, perkier bust, a showstopping two cup sizes bigger.


Have fun!

Your new shapewear is going to give you a new-found gorgeous shape… and newfound confidence with it. Have fun trying it out under your existing wardrobe and feeling sexier than ever before. Get the gang together, because you’re going to want to show it off on a night out immediately. Just sayin’.

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