Opinion: The Best Tummy Control Shapewear

One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to shapewear is, “What is the best shapewear for tummy control?”


While the idea of having a flat stomach is one of the most sought-after on everyone’s wishlist, actually, it can be near-impossible to achieve through diet and exercise alone, thanks to your body’s totally natural bloating, water and hormones. Thankfully, though, flat tummies are exactly what Peachy Shapewear specializes in.


The best tummy control comes from shapewear which is stretchy, strong, but crucially, also moves with your body - not against it, and that’s how Peachy works its magic under your favorite clothes.


There are also a variety of different shapewear designs which all promote tummy control - so whatever type of tummy you’re looking for shapewear for, and whatever outfit you want to wear it with, there’s a design that will achieve amazing results for you.


Here are three of the best pieces of shapewear for tummy control, which you can order right now…




Tummy Control Shaper

This is an excellent tummy shaper for every occasion. It doesn’t have straps, which means you can wear with any top or neckline, while it also boasts a tummy-controlling design which holds in your core, smooths your thighs and lifts your butt, for a beautiful hourglass silhouette.



Tummy Control Bodysuit

With extra removable suspenders for unmovable hold, the Peachy Tummy Control Bodysuit uses 360-degree body sculpt technology to hold in your core while lifting and accentuating your butt, to give  the appearance of a tiny waist. Meanwhile, it also has an opening crotch design for easier-than-ever bathroom access. A seamless fabric design also means that these tummy-controlling panties will go totally unnoticed under even the tightest of tummy-hugging clothes.


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Tummy Control Thong

Want to keep your stomach smoothed, but not all over your body? The Tummy Control Thong is the answer. This effortlessly wearable design provides all the stomach smoothing, without thigh compression, bras or straps - so you can wear this completely invisible under the shortest shorts, skirts and dresses. Plus, this fabulous design is so comfortable and breathable that it’s perfect for everyday wear. Waist slimming whenever you want it? Sounds great to us!




Ready to find your perfect tummy-controlling shapewear? Head to Peachy Shapewear now to view the full range.

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