Quick Checklist For Bridal Shapewear

Fun fact: Our Backless Body Shaper is commonly recognized as an essential for weddings and pairing with your wedding dress. Have you tried it yet?

Did you know that the big secret to looking confident is actually feeling confident?

Once you feel your absolute best self, you’ll look radiate beauty like never before. That’s the real secret to looking more beautiful than ever.


Thankfully, one surefire way to feel and look even more beautiful and confident on your wedding day is the perfect piece of shapewear under your wedding dress.

No matter what bridal style you have chosen, or which areas of the body you would like to emphasize and smooth, a hidden piece of shapewear will work its magic, hidden underneath your outfit, and give your look and confidence the ‘wow’ factor. But with so many choices and styles, how do you choose the right piece?


Here’s how to shop for the perfect bridal shapewear for you and your wedding dress…


Look for shapewear which will slip perfectly unnoticed under your dress

On your wedding day, you want your dress to look effortlessly elegant, so depending on the shape and style of your dress, there is an item of shapewear which will work underneath it - and go completely unnoticed. Wearing a form-fitting, sleek design?

A Tummy Control Bodysuit sucks in and smooths everything underneath it. Going strapless? A Tummy Control Thong will smooth your stomach area without any straps showing. Even going backless? Our bestselling Backless Body Shaper will keep you supported, even when backless.


Choose shapewear which is comfortable

Of course, it’s important for your shapewear to smooth, sculpt, and support everywhere you want it to. But it’s also important that it’s comfortable for you - your wedding should be about enjoying your day and celebrating your love with those closest to you, not feeling constricted or uncomfortable. Peachy shapewear is designed to feel like a second skin, moving with you, not against you, and making it perfect for sitting down to eat, stretching to raise a toast, and dancing the night away in at your wedding reception - while always holding everything exactly where you want it to. Even better, many of Peachy’s bestsellers also feature a hook and eye crotch fastening to make going to the bathroom while wearing it super easy. If you know, you know.


No visible panty lines

Select a style which does not show under your dress - especially if you’ll be wearing a form-fitting wedding dress design. Shapewear designs like the Peachy Backless Body Shaper and the Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit Thong have a seamless thong back, to smooth out any chance of camel toe appearing, and to go unseen from the back of the dress.


Now you've learned a thing or two. Ready to shop around and see if Peachy is a good fit for you? Let's do it!


Browse our collections today and ask us any questions you may have.

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