Shapewear Can Transform Your Wedding Dress (Explained)

Did you know that your wedding dress can look totally different, depending on what you choose to wear underneath it?


Whether your wedding dress is dramatic or classic, ballgown shaped or form fitting, the secret to creating the wedding look of your dreams is actually in what you wear underneath it. On your big day, look and feel your absolute best by using shapewear like a second skin to create the perfect base on which to wear the most beautiful dress of your life.


So, whichever parts of your body you want to accentuate the most, here’s how different shapewear pieces can transform your bridal look…

To create body definition

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes - and are likely to be one of the most elaborate and dramatic garments you’ll ever wear. But, when wearing such intricate and complex designs, it can be easy to lose the definition of your body, if you’re not careful. Shapewear can stop this from happening - by accentuating the curves you want to make the most of, for example, around the bust, and cinching in the waistline so that it does not get lost beneath your dress.


To look slimmer around the stomach and waist

Shapewear is the perfect way to keep your wedding dress looking slim - especially if you opt for a form fitting silhouette. The Peachy Tummy Control Shaper, for example, will enhance your body’s natural curves while using revolutionary 360 degree body sculpting to totally smooth your core and smooth your upper thighs, and prevent creating an elegant hourglass shape beneath your wedding dress.


To smooth your underwear and to show no bra or panty lines

The perfect shapewear will create a silhouette that looks invisible - and leaves no sign of your underwear on your bridal look. Not only will this will make you and your dress look its most beautiful, but it will make all your wedding photos look perfect. For instance, the Tummy Control Shaper for example, will show no pantylines, the Body Sculpt Solution Suit will support you without showing underneath low-cut dresses, and the Backless Body Shaper will even look invisible under a backless wedding dress.


Ready to transform your silhouette and take your wedding dress to the next level of stunning? Check out Peachy Shapewear’s best sellers to find the shapewear to transform the look of your wedding dress now.


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