The #1 Inclusive Shapewear Guide For Proms

Your prom dress is one of the most fun things you can ever wear. A little secret to looking your most beautiful is that your beauty shines through best when you feel confident - and the correct shapewear worn underneath will have you feeling more confident than you ever have done before.


Put simply, shapewear is worn invisibly, under your prom dress, to enhance and sculpt your body, effortlessly creating your dream silhouette - and totally transforming your prom look by making you look and feel a million dollars.


Even more importantly, when you’re feeling supported and your most beautiful self, without any body confidence worries on the night, all that will be left for you to do is have fun at your prom and have the best night ever.


Here’s which shapewear you should choose for some of the most popular prom dress styles…


For empire waistline dresses: Backless Body Shaper

Empire waistlines start high, right below the bust, and make for silhouettes that look draped and effortless, and come in all lengths - think floaty dresses that make you feel like a Grecian Goddess. The Backless Body Shaper is ideal for this design, because it will support and boost your cleavage up to two cup sizes bigger, with a design that will go unnoticed in low-cut dresses, plus invisible straps mean it will also be hidden even in backless or delicately draped designs.



For Princess or A-Line dresses: Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit Thong

A-line prom dresses look beautiful on all body types - their silhouette is tighter and the waist, but free flowing from the waist down, creating a beautiful hourglass silhouette which is flattering to all. Shapewear can enhance that waistline further - opt for the Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit Thong, which will enhance your body’s natural curves, smooth your core and cinch in your waist.


For ballgowns: Tummy Control Shaper

Similar to the princess dress, this classic prom style is flattering on everyone thanks to its usually corseted body, cinching you in at the smallest part of your waist and skimming over other parts of the body we can sometimes feel self conscious about, such as the tummy and thighs. The ballgown dress usually has a more voluminous bottom (think fairytale princess-style) and a strapless design, so shapewear like the bestselling Tummy Control Shaper will allow you to go strapless, while using 360 degree body sculpting technology to hold in your core and lift your butt.


Now, it’s time to find the perfect shapewear for your prom dress, to enhance your natural curves look and feel your most amazing at prom! Check out Peachy Shapewear’s best sellers to find the best shapewear for your prom dress.

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