The Best Backless Bra - What To Look For

Backless dresses are some of the most effortlessly elegant, exciting and glamorous designs you can wear. But they raise a simple, yet important question: how do you wear a backless dress?

The secret to wearing one with confidence is to know that you’re actually totally supported, and to be confident in knowing that you look your absolute best while wearing it. And the way to do that? You need your perfect backless bra in your closet. 

Once you find your ideal backless bra, it opens you up to a world of new clothing confidence and wardrobe options - and it’ll have you looking and feeling more beautiful than ever before.


Here are the important features to look for when it comes to buying the perfect backless bra for your special occasion.


Invisible support

Perhaps the most important feature of the ideal backless bra is that it will support your body without ever being seen, even when wearing the most daring of backless dresses. With this in mind, the Peachy Backless Body Shaper features invisible straps so it can be worn, undetected, under any dress or top - and they’re adjustable, too, for the perfect fit. What’s more, it will also go unseen on your bottom half, too - its thong design means you can say bye-bye to any visible pantylines and smooth out any camel toe, so you never have to worry about any fabric bunching at the crotch and showing.


Comfortable design

The ideal backless bra holds your body the way you want it to - without being uncomfortable. Thankfully, Peachy’s Backless Body Shaper is designed to be slim and skin tight, while still being able to move with your body - not against it. Like a comfortable second skin, this means that while you’re wearing it, you can sit, stretch, or dance with ease - which is incredibly important whether you are wearing a backless look for a special occasion, or in your everyday wardrobe.


Creating your perfect your cleavage

Not only do you want the perfect backless bra to be invisible under your outfit, but you want it to work hard, too. The Backless Body Shaper is perfect for this, as it features a built in push-up underwire that not only lifts your bust, but even boosts it up to two cup sizes bigger - for a jaw-dropping silhouette and serious cleavage.



Ready to find your perfect backless bra? Check out Peachy Shapewear’s Backless Body Shaper in various colorways and size options, now.

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