The Top 4 Shapewear Designs For Formal Events

Whichever design of occasion wear you opt to wear for your next black tie reception, cocktail party or other formal event, there is a design of shapewear on offer to pair with it that will make you feel your most confident and look your most stunning.


Here are three glamorous formal outfit options and the must-have shapewear designs to pair each one with.


For a form fitting cocktail dress: Pure Sculpt Bodysuit

Want to enhance your body’s natural shape, while slimming and toning it, too? The Peachy Pure Sculpt Body Suit will hold in your core, shape and lifts your butt, lift your chest, and smooth your upper thighs - creating an ideal smooth silhouette for even the most form fitting of dresses.



For backless and low cut dresses: Backless Body Shaper

This shapewear is a twofold gamechanger: its invisible, adjustable straps and backless design means it will go unnoticed even in the most daring of elegant backless dresses, while its underwire support at the front will boost your cleavage up to two sizes bigger, while remaining unseen under low cut dresses.


For sleeved designs: Arm Smoothing Bra

For many women, their arms are the part of the body they are most self conscious about. Thankfully, this expertly designed Arm Smoothing Bra will sculpt your arms, using comfy compression, to slim your silhouette and create the shape of your dreams under your sleeved dress. Even better, it’s incredibly comfortable - made with breathable, micropower mesh fabric, it’ll feel like a second skin on.

For an hourglass silhouette while wearing your own bra: Tummy Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit

Like the Pure Sculpt Bodysuit, this creates a stunning hourglass silhouette, ideal for bodycon dresses, form fitting styles and sleek pant suits - but the difference with this design is that it allows you to wear your own bra with it, making it incredibly versatile and perfect for wearing under many different formal wear looks. Featuring a high-waisted design, this uses comfortable 360 degree body sculpting to smooth your core and upper thighs and lift your butt at the same time. An ideal formalwear all rounder to have in your wardrobe.



Find the ideal shapewear for your formal occasion that will enhance your natural curves and sculpt your silhouette now, by checking out Peachy Shapewear’s most popular best sellers.

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